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Jiangmen Zhisheng Automatic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Zhisheng Automatic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales of automatic welding equipment. The company’s main products: manual sink production equipment, automatic welding machines, CNC welding equipment, industrial robots, circular seam welding machines, longitudinal seam welding machines, profiling welding machines, automatic argon arc welding machines, barbecue furnace automatic welding machines, oil fume extraction Automatic welding machine, various special welding machines can be customized. We attach great importance to the training of talents, and are well-known in the welding applications of enterprises across the country. All types of welding machines that we produce and sell have received good service support and lifelong maintenance. This is our advantage.


Four reasons to choose Zhisheng

Committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of automated welding equipment

A strong manufacturer

Zhisheng has 12 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of automated welding equipment; it is a one-stop service company with complete technology, excellent equipment and rich qualifications.

Experienced technicians

We attach great importance to the cultivation of talents, and have a technical team composed of various technical personnel; from production to finished products, we carry out multiple quality inspection procedures, and continuous multi-directional inspection

Complete variety of safe and easy operation

Automatic welding equipment effectively suppresses welding spatter, prevents the occurrence of missing welding and virtual welding, and is easy to learn and use; there are manual sink production equipment, automatic welding machines and other types of machinery

Perfect after-sales service

Provide a full range of solutions, technical personnel on-site survey, on-site installation and commissioning and operation training; customer service 7*24 hours to respond in time to solve after-sales problems for you

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How to choose welding positioner correctly

Nowadays, positioner is a very young product. Many manufacturing industries need positioner. Therefore, it is wise to select the required products wisely in this highly demanding environment. As the manufacturer of welding positioner, the selection of welding positioner will be introduced. 1. Selection of structure welding positioner (1) according to the characteristics of bulldozer rear axle box and excavator x structure and other welding structure parts, select the appropriate welding position

Selection method of welding equipment

Welding equipment refers to the weapon equipment required to maintain the welding process. Welding equipment includes welding machine, welding process weapon equipment and welding auxiliary equipment. In China, the design scheme and manufacturing of universal welding equipment have a long history, and a series of relevant national industry standards and national standards have been implemented, which plays a key role in promoting the development trend of general welding equipment processing and

How to choose a suitable laser welding machine

For laser welding machine equipment, different configurations correspond to different effects. However, in many businesses, is it right to choose the more expensive and better laser welding machine equipment? The answer is No. So how to choose the laser welding machine equipment is appropriate? Before customers choose laser welding machine equipment, the idea to define is that the selected laser welding machine equipment can meet my needs, can achieve my processing effect, and can bring benefits